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Zoom Handmade Bedouin vintage pillow case, floor pillow,  wool
Zoom Handmade Bedouin vintage pillow case, floor pillow,  wool
Zoom Handmade Bedouin vintage pillow case, floor pillow,  wool
Zoom Handmade Bedouin vintage pillow case, floor pillow,  wool
Zoom Handmade Bedouin vintage pillow case, floor pillow,  wool

Handmade Bedouin vintage pillow case, floor pillow, wool

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Beautiful pillow cases made of vintage handmade Bedouin 100% wool carpets. These multipurpose pillow cases can be used on sofas, floors (their traditional Bedouin usage), or any room to give it a classy Bedouin touch.

These pillow cases are cut from wool carpets that are handmade by bedouin families in the Sinai peninsula. The Sinai peninsula is one of the coldest provinces in Egypt because of its high altitudes and mountainous topographies. Thus, the bedouins in Sinai utilize wool for their home decoration and furnishings due to to the wool's heat retention nature.

The sinai carpets are all vintage (more than 20 years old) and represent a tradition that struggling to survive in Egypt. Thus each piece is extremely precious and represents a Bedouin. The material is 100% wool and is rather sturdy, but this is due to to it's authentic nature and need to be heavy duty to survive the desert conditions.

Dimensions : 49cm x 37cm.

The pillow cases come unstuffed. We ship our products with DHL express within one business day and you will typically receive it within 4 to 6 business days. We will provide you with a tracking number and we ask you to please provide your phone number when purchasing in case DHL requires to contact you when the shipment arrives.

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Do the clothes shrink after washing?

No they don't. Most of our dresses are a mixture of cotton and polyester and so there's minimal to no shrinkage. The cotton/poly dresses can be machine washed and hung dry to preserve the embroidery.

Where is your shop located?

We are an online based fashion brand located in the land of the pharaohs Cairo, Egypt. This might seem far, but we ship our products Express and most of our customers have told us that our products arrive faster than some items they order inside the USA.

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What if i order the wrong size?

Don't worry! If you order the wrong size and would like to exchange for another size, we will send you a replacement for a marginal value around $30 for most dresses. Just reach out to us at the following email and we will resolve it :


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