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Build Your Statement Outfits with the Latest and Trendy Eastern Apparel!

When it comes to modern fashion trends, you can always count on them for comfort and style. This is because both of these aspects are prioritized in the latest fashion choices. An amazing example of this is Eastern Apparel.

These are free-flowing fashion pieces that are so versatile that they can be styled with almost anything. Apart from the variety in designs and colors, there are a lot more choices to explore. In order to know more about these beloved trendy apparel pieces, keep reading!

Embroidered Kaftans

A trend that’s been loved by many including celebs is kaftans. There are many features to love about them including their comfort, quality and the ability to turn any basic outfit into a fashionable one!

Embroidered Kaftans

Moreover, they can be styled with a ton of things including skinny jeans, maximalist jewelry and even high-fashion heels. For those who just can’t stand the heat, you can wear it on its own for a completely put-together look without having to worry about matching anything!


Printed Coats

Another extremely high fashion trend that is popular on the runways these days is the printed coats which come in a multitude of colors and designs. If you have a boring outfit on, then this coat is recommended for you as it can amp up almost any outfit you wear it with.

Not just that, but these types of coats are perfect for any weather because they are usually made of very light materials that won’t suffocate you in the summer. They can be paired with anything as well because of their maximalist design and vibrant hues.

Monotone Caftans

For those who like to be the embodiment of opulence and class no matter where they go, monotone caftans would be the perfect choice because of their royal look. They aren’t too expressive in terms of design but won’t fail to make an impressive outfit.

Monotone Caftans

These are meant to be for the people who lean more towards the subtle side of fashion as these are usually available in earthy tones, which aren’t that flashy. Some of the best things to pair a summer kaftan with are boots, necklaces and hats!

Embellished Kimonos

In regard to high fashion and unique apparel, embellished kimonos can be the greatest trend ever because of their mesmerizing designs. They never fail to bring the wow factor to any outfit.

For instance, you can pair them with a simple tee and jeans but if paired with a maxi caftan dress, it could really pull the whole look together forming a completely cohesive and beautiful outfit with the silhouette of your curves in the best way possible!

Tunic Dresses

Many people suggest that a tunic dress is essential for the closet since it can be worn out and serve the purpose of a comfortable yet flattering house dress too! These kinds of dresses are preferred by those who like to get ready in a jiffy without having to worry about the theme or occasion.

These dresses are best paired with some sort of jacket, shiny jewelry and your best pair of heels or boots! They’re perfect for family parties, the holidays, vacations or even weekend dates with your special one!

Royal Abayas

In order to achieve a completely sophisticated and flattering look, abayas are the most awesome choice to fulfill that purpose. These mesmerizing pieces of fashion come in a variety of colors and designs as well.

Abayas can be accessorized with everything from subtle jewelry to loud pieces of footwear. This is because there is an abaya for everyone out there no matter what their preferred design, fit and colors are! These are truly the most special pieces of fashion because of their captivating aura and intricate designs.

Cotton Cardigans

For the people who just can’t go out of their homes without something over their outfits, even in summer, cotton cardigans would be the best choice. This is because these are meant to be layered with other clothes underneath for a chic look.

Cotton Cardigans

Cotton cardigans are available in tons of colors and designs which makes them the go-to summer fashion trend for anyone. Creating a multi-dimensional look with these kinds of cardigans isn’t tricky at all if you incorporate the right items and clothes!

Bedouin Scarves

Another sophisticated option for the ones who love opulence is the Bedouin scarves. With their embellishments and jewels sewn together, they create a luxurious vibe.

Furthermore, because they’re available in deeper tones, pairing them with bright-colored clothes like a green tunic dress or a blue kaftan would be the best decision!

All the fashion stamen pieces mentioned above can take your outfits to a whole other level with their style and class. To find out more about these expressive clothes, check out Gipci. They have the most opulent collection of high-fashion apparel pieces!


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