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How To Choose The Best Kaftan For Yourself?

A Kaftan is perfect if you're looking for something light and loose to wear. The Kaftan is a garment that takes inspiration from the robes and tunics worn by the inhabitants of ancient Mesopotamia.

Kaftans have been around the globe and back, picking up new patterns and fashions. Across the globe, people of many cultural backgrounds may be seen wearing cotton Kaftan maxi dresses with various bottoms. A Kaftan loose, draping design is eerily reminiscent of the Bohemian style.

What Is A Kaftan?

Ankle-length with loose, billowing sleeves, this is the classic Kaftan or Kaftan. In the Middle East, males traditionally wore this loose clothing as a long, buttoned robe. Silk or cotton Kaftans used to be the norm, and they often had a sash or belt at the waist in addition to sleeves that reached the elbow or beyond.

Such cotton Kaftan maxi dresses, crafted from the finest materials, may be abundant in Istanbul's Topkapi Palace. The Kaftan was formerly reserved only for the Ottoman Sultan of Turkey and other members of the upper classes. This garment was presented to high-ranking officials at major religious holidays or to victorious Ottoman Empire generals on the battlefield as a token of respect and admiration.

The Kaftan, formerly reserved for royalty and the wealthy, was instead worn by the working class and merchants by the nineteenth century.

Yet, Kaftans are making a comeback (though we cannot claim they were ever out of vogue) and are growing in popularity, appealing to ladies who desire sophisticated and stylish formal attire as well as those who are attracted to more relaxed looks but do not want to seem like tomboys.

How To Choose The Best Kaftan?

Appropriate Material

Unless you boost its appearance with well-chosen accessories, the airy fabric it normally comprises might make your dress seem improper for the event you want it for. Nonetheless, a Kaftan made of silk, cotton, or any other natural fabric is an excellent option for a relaxed excursion (i.e., a beach picnic). Choose summer Kaftan made of georgette, satin, or silk if you need to dress up a little for an evening gathering.

 Black Siwa hand embroidered linen Kaftan dress

Choose a Reputable Brand

Wearing a Kaftan should make you feel put together even while lounging. Do not try to save money at the expense of quality if you care about how you appear. Getting this clothing from well-known global labels that focus specifically on this summer's essential outerwear trend might be more costly. You may be certain that your investment in a high-quality Kaftan will be one you will love wearing for many years.

Choose The Right Size

Kaftans may seem like one size fits all, but that's not true. In this case, the rule of thumb, "one size fits all," does not apply since one must choose the appropriate size while purchasing a plus size Kaftan. Another thing to remember is that a Kaftan should not be too form-fitting; rather, it should flow freely over the body.

Stunning pink sexy caftans for women

Appropriate Length

The dress comes in both knee-length and floor-length styles. For going to the workplace, a longer patterned Kaftan is recommended, particularly when paired with a pair of leggings, while a shorter Kaftan is perfect for a more relaxed occasion.

Pair it with shorts or skinny jeans to round off the outfit. Last but not least, a long Kaftan (at least, mid-calf length - floor-length gowns add more flair and class, however) may be worn for a formal event, such as a beach wedding or a cocktail party.

Choose The Proper Pattern And Colors

One guideline to follow while shopping for clothes is to match the pattern and color together. You should exercise extreme caution if you're looking for something unique, like a plus size Kaftan. If you want to look your best, you should always wear a Kaftan, and the best ones to buy are those with bold colors and intricate patterns.

Remembering the event's context is another helpful piece of advice. Choose a Kaftan with earthy tones and hues if you plan on wearing it frequently, for instance. Yet, if you want to obtain the most likes for your holiday photo, try something colorful and lively.

Black embroidered Kimono

Proper Accessories

Adding some classy jewelry to your summer Kaftan outfit is a great way to feel and seem more put together. Avoid wearing heavy, statement-making jewelry, including lengthy necklaces or earrings, if the Kaftan already contains sparkling decorations. Instead, wear timeless accessories like a sleek watch, ring, belt, or petite pearl earrings.

Instead, if your Kaftan is simple and lacks any beautiful designs, you may spruce up your outfit by adding a chic necklace and an understated bracelet.

Kaftans are great for wearing throughout the warmer months. You may find a lady dressed in a Kaftan in every summertime destination, whether a beach or a resort. Wearing a Kaftan by Gipci is like having an extra wardrobe in your summer suitcase. But if you want to stand out and look your best, it's important to choose the one that works best with your physique, goals, and existing wardrobe pieces.


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