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What to Give Priority to When Wearing a Kaftan?

The place of origination of kaftans with long, free-flowing sleeves is believed to be Ancient Mesopotamia. This beautiful loose-fitting garment is popular among women who follow a bohemian lifestyle. Additionally, kaftans with unique, vivid and eye-catching patterns perfectly symbolize exoticism. Rocking a kaftan is not challenging when you know the right way of styling this attire.

Earlier, most women wore kaftans only when they would visit a beach. There is no doubt that the kaftan is an ideal beachwear dress. However, restricting it only to the beach is not wise because you can wear it on multiple casual occasions. Women's plus size kaftans with good quality fabric and exquisite designs can help grab eyeballs and get compliments.

A Brief History of Kaftans

Wearing a Kaftan

Kaftans stand out as an outfit because of their loose, flowing sleeves. These dresses are actually based on many Islamic sensibilities that have a close association with royal celebration and happiness. A traditional kaftan is an ankle-length robe with full sleeves and a narrow cut.

A kaftan's uniqueness is in its one size fits all design. Therefore, kaftans suit skinny women as well as those who are voluptuous. However, kaftans plus size dresses are currently available in traditional and online marketplaces.

Kaftans are similar to many garments that originated in North African regions and Middle Eastern nations. From the fourteenth to eighteenth centuries, the Ottoman sultans wore stunningly embellished kaftans. These dresses were also provided to notable generals and dignitaries as rewards. Both men and women wear kaftans in the Middle East, West and North Africa.

Growing Popularity of Kaftans

Popularity of Kaftans

Over the years, things changed drastically, and kaftans became the go-to dress for nomads or bohemians from being a royal, luxurious attire. However, kaftans made from premium-grade fabric and incredibly well adorned with nice patterns have become popular in recent years. Women who prefer chic, funky and casual outfits are fond of kaftans these days.

Styling a kaftan in a proper manner can help you turn heads at informal events effortlessly. This dress is a favorite among young adult women, female models and celebrities. It's the perfect attire in the summer season because it is flowing and loose and ensures a high degree of comfort. Nowadays, kaftans are available offline and online in various beautiful designs and colors.

The leading kaftan manufacturers and retailers focus more on kaftans that feature multi-color patterns, floral prints and attractive designs. The addition of lots of captivating design features into kaftans, such as kimono sleeves right on the outfit and a V-neckline along with buttons. All these noteworthy aspects contribute remarkably to the popularity of kaftans.

Things to Prioritize When You Wear a Kaftan on the Beach and Casual Events

When You Go to a Beach

To spend quality time on the beach, you need to dress well. If you couldn't agree more with it, know that putting on a kaftan will make you look very attractive. Use a kaftan made from soft, comfy, quality fabric as a cover-up when you're on the beach. Doing so will take the bikini or monoclinic you wear on the beach to the next level.

When You Go to a Beach

Many girls prefer accessorizing their swimsuits with a kaftan. Moreover, a kaftan made from premium-quality wool or cotton is excessively comfortable and protects users' skin against the sun's harsh ultraviolet rays. It is not a fitted dress, meaning you will feel cool when you wear it, even when it is hot outside.

Womens plus size kaftans are perfect for ladies who are a bit thick, curvy and self-conscious regarding their bodies when they put on a swimsuit. These women feel more confident when they wear plus-size kaftan dresses. Because these garments allow them to reveal as much skin as they are comfortable with while dipping their feet in the sand on the beach.

womens plus size kaftans

You are ready for the beach once you pair a gorgeous kaftan with a nice pair of sandals, a sun hat and your favorite shades. It is sensible to make a purchase of a kaftan made from organic cotton. Do so, as it will help your body stay cool.

When You Attend a Casual Occasion

Kaftans plus size garments can help women hide the body parts they do not wish to show when they attend a get-together or casual event. A well-designed kaftan that features pretty patterns fits all women regardless of size and shape.

A woman who has a larger bust gets the confidence to flaunt her flattering, charming appearance when she puts on a kaftan with a low V-neck and long sleeves. Wear your kaftan with a pair of flat, comfy sandals, besides putting on designer sunglasses and carrying a small shoulder handbag.

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