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Plus-Sized Kaftan Styling Tips that Make You Look Curvaceous

This 21st-century fashion industry is gradually taking petite steps to embrace a diverse and inclusive idea of beauty. Social media fashionistas, influencers, and models now encourage women to gain confidence in their plus-size shapes. This revolution allows plus-sized women to reclaim their features (or quirks) that people used to consider flaws.

So, if you’re a plus-size woman who takes additional attention while shopping for clothes, it’s time to think out of the box. And Kaftans becomes your first step towards gaining confidence about your shape. 

An Introduction to Kaftans and their Long History

A lady with curves understands why free-flowing women’s plus-size kaftans have become so popular these days. So, whether you’re an apple-shaped or pear-shaped lady, this clothing is a perfect way to look curvaceous. 

Initially, these clothes were full length. This style of clothing was an inspiration from the Mesopotamian era. And after garnering immense prominence across the world, it has lately become an outfit with immense comfort.

Kaftan dresses are free-flowing, long, or mid-sized gowns. With multiple variations and innovative designs, they have evolved a lot over some yesteryears. If you’re here to learn about the fashionable styling tips to wear plus-size Kaftans, let’s not waste further time. Read on.

1 A Beach-Like Vibe

Some kaftans come with relaxed cuts that are best to flaunt at a beach party. So, whether you’ve decided to visit a beach for your honeymoon or attend a beach wedding, you can rejoice in the elegance of a comfortable fabric. This elegant style goes perfect for a pool party. You can take inspiration from social media influencers and choose the right type of caftan plus-size.

2 A Wedding Style

Free-flowing, easy, and breezy: all these adjectives go synonymous with a comfortable wedding-styled kaftan dress. They are easy to style and can make for great day-to-night transition attire. You can couple it with your favorite statement jewelry. 

A quick tip: Please be extra careful while applying your makeup. If you wear statement ornaments, it’s better to wear subtle makeup for the daytime. Apply nude lipstick to get a perfect look. Glam your attire up with a messy hairdo and some oxidized earrings.

3 A Relaxing Brunch with Friends

Are you planning to go on a brunch date with your BFF this weekend? As a plus-size woman, you may have trouble choosing the right clothes. On such occasions, a kaftan becomes immensely simple clothing for a daytime look.

Beat the scorching heat on a sunny day by wearing a short-length kaftan. Ditch the full-length or maxi-styled kaftan and gracefully styled printed kaftan. Choose a trendy pastel-shaded kaftan for your relaxing brunch with friends.

4 An Outfit for Formal Occasions

The plus-size cotton caftans help improve your body structure and make you look more presentable. Bustier women can get an extremely flattering appearance with kaftans with low V-neck and long sleeves. For office parties, you can choose a medium-length printed kaftan.

Perhaps, you can pair it up with pair of leggings. Alternatively, you can complete your look by wearing the right pair of slim-fit jeans. Alternatively, you can jazz your plus-size kaftan by choosing a fitted design. Make sure that it’s of luxurious material, for instance: silk. A caftan made from additional layers of fabric will only add allure to your overall presentation.

Combine your look with some gorgeous jewelry. If you’re looking for an accessory, opt for a gold or silver belt. This look goes perfect for your office acquaintance’s wedding. You may team it up with jeweled sandals to flaunt a chic statement.

5 A Baby Shower Evening

Who says a mom-to-be can’t flaunt their baby bump in beautiful attire? With gorgeous Kaftans available in the market, a prospective mother gets the perfect chance to style her clothes as per the newest trends.

For a soon-to-be-mom, a baby shower is indeed a special event in her life. And looking presentable during the event is of paramount importance. You can team up with a flat pair of sandals and some sophisticated jewelry.

6 A Luxurious Get-togethers

Do you prefer the boho look? If yes, you can pair your plus-size kaftan with a pair of flat sandals. You can also add a soft shoulder bag and designer sunglasses. And that’s it. You have finally got the perfect boho white dress you wished to obtain all this time. It’s a perfect outfit for a beach party. 

In today’s fashion era, people are openly challenging stereotypes and accepting beauty regardless of size or shape. This self-acceptance of women with bulkier or curvier bodies has brought revolutionary changes in this fashion universe.

With women’s plus-size kaftans, this fashion trend continues to boom. That makes brands like Gipci come forward to celebrate beauty irrespective of size or shape. We craft unique and versatile kaftans blended taste Egyptian culture for every plus-size woman.


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